lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Position of adverbs of frequency - Exercise 2

Explanation: Position of adverbs of frequency

Rewrite each sentence with the adverb of frequency (in brackets) in its correct position.

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1) Have you been to London? (ever)

2) Peter doesn't get up before seven. (usually)

3) Our friends must write tests. (often)

4) They go swimming in the lake. (sometimes)

5) The weather is bad in November. (always)

6) Peggy and Frank are late. (usually)

7) I have met him before. (never)

8) John watches TV. (seldom)

9) I was in contact with my sister. (often)

10) She will love him. (always)

percentage for frequency adverbs

This are the percentages for adverbs of frequency. in this image you see one example for everyone.